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From concept to final result, we develop your idea by offering you the right solution.

At Intraplás, we design packaging as an important part of your product.

Our innovation and development team, with its vast experience and expertise, will collaborate with you during the entire development process, every step of the way, creating a customized product while meeting your requirements and specifications.

We will help you achieve your goal with a wide range of standard and custom solutions that will drive your go-to-market strategy and success.

Facts & Figures

  • Family-based shareholder ownership
  • 300 employees who serve our customers across 30 countries
  • 1 Extrusion Facility with 70,000 Ton/year
  • 1 Unit Thermoforming and Printing Facility with 4,000 units/year and 2,000 units/year respectively
  • Multi-disciplinary Research and Development team
  • Technical Team that provides audits on production lines and suggests OEE improvements

Share your idea!We will deliver the result.

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