Keeping your product safe

and caring for the environment

Our portfolio is characterized by the development of diversified projects and a broad client portfolio. We have a clear ambition to make sustainable packaging available to the market, without compromising food safety. That’s why we are constantly exploring new ways to minimize the environmental impact of our products through new alternative materials and technology, supported by demanding levels of quality standards recognized by our customers.

Combining more than 50 years of experience with a decisive response to new demands in terms of sustainability and circularity, we work with our partners on the development of recycled and bio-based polymers, producing truly circular packaging.


Fulfilling needs in a sustainable and innovative way!


From yogurt to butter, desserts to ice-cream, we will help you explore new dairy packaging innovations for your products: multifunctional, flexible and attractive design.
Our focus is always protecting the product in the best possible and efficient way, helping you to make the perfect choice!

Fresh Food

We develop packaging solutions for our customers, even for products with special features. We will work together to ensure the end result: sustainable and innovative packaging.

Ready Meals

Our packaging solutions offer excellent preservation properties against steam, gases and aromas, ensuring food protection for a higher quality food experience.

Coffee and Tea

Custom-design barrier packaging, while guaranteeing product freshness and fully preserving aroma and flavour. We offer a range of solutions that meet consumer needs, providing top-quality packaging and differentiation.


In recent years, plastic reduction has been the focus. We offer you our range of sustainable cups, an alternative to disposable cups and an advantage in terms of recycling, being an environmentally friendly option.

Compotes & Baby-Food

Our high-barrier packaging solutions for compotes and baby foods are the perfect solution to preserve shelf-stable baby food products.


We guarantee the foods’ nutritional value, aroma, colour, taste and shelf-life, developing packaging solutions that are efficient, sustainable, innovative and at the same time a part of our value proposition.

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