It all started in 1968…

Intraplás is a company driven by a passion to improve each day in order to deliver the best packaging solutions.

This heritage of values has guided us on a long journey of knowledge and experience. Founded in 1968 by Commander of the Order of Merit Alberto Machado Ferreira, today we are one of the largest plastic converters for the food packaging industry, with cutting-edge technology and innovation.

We are a company dedicated to the production and promotion of sustainable and innovative packaging, with solid know-how in Extrusion, Thermoforming and Printing, with a wide range of services and offering a diversified range of integrated solutions, including the concept of Eco-Design to bring your project to life.

Alberto Machado Ferreira - Founder


Foundation of Intraplás

A family business, Intraplás started its activity with just one thermoforming machine. Inspired by a trip to Italy, the business focused on the manufacture of carnival masks and, later, decoration products.


New facility

Resulting from the growth of the business, in 1971 an investment was made in the construction of a 500-square-metre pavilion in Rebordões – the company's current headquarters. That same year, sophisticated thermoforming machines were acquired.

Focus on Thermoforming

Intraplás starts to produce the first packages for the Food Industry.

Anabela Ferreira, Alberto Machado Ferreira, Jorge Ferreira


Automation and the Yogurt Market

Investment in automatic thermoformed cup production machine
Increased responsiveness to the Dairy Market
Expansion of extrusion capacity


Inauguration of the São Martinho de Campo Unit

Dedicated to thermoforming for the non-food area.


Specialization in FFS | Silos

A new rigid sheet manufacturing cell for FFS is introduced, repositioning the company in the FFS specialization, becoming the core of the business: laminated foil production, thermoformed cups and containers.
Installation of the first 12 silos.


Thermoforming and Printing

8-colour printing capability.
Acquisition of sheet metal production line for the Cold and Automotive Industry.

2001- 2004

In-line Thermoforming

Increased thermoforming capacity through the acquisition of a machine for in-line production and 2 printing lines


Start of Expanded Chemical production

(Ecolight products)


Extrusion Expansion

Increase of rigid foil for FFS production capacity.


New alternative products

Introduction of FFS sheet physical foamed and mineral fillers.
New line dedicated to bi colour and multicolour FFS sheet in compact and foamed version.


Thermoforming Expansion

Investment in a new facility dedicated to the production of thermoformed packaging.
Acquisition of 5 thermoforming lines and another 8 colour printing line.
Start of production capacity for PP yogurt cups.

We are a company dedicated to the production and promotion of sustainable and innovative packaging


Investment in a new R&D Center

This space, measuring around 300 square metres, is where we continuously work to improve and develop new products and innovative technologies, in order to obtain the best packaging solutions, always focusing on eco-design, sustainability and food safety. The investment in an FFS Line allows us to simulate the industrial performance of our blade before dispatch to our Customers.
It also allows us to make known, through tests, alternative materials or thicknesses that meet our Clients’ requirements, ensuring that the entire process of developing new products is not compromised.

Innovation Focus

New multi-extrusion line dedicated to new generations of FFS Sheet using PP, PET and PLA.


Fully automated Warehouse

New central warehouse and logistics centre with storage capacity for over 30,000 pallets

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