Being Socially Responsible

is the change we want to see in the World.

We are committed to ensuring the company’s economic growth so that our employees, suppliers, customers, and society at large benefits from it, whilst considering the minimal impact to the environment and the sustainability of our products and business activity.

We strive to offer the best working conditions and offer our employees the ability to hone their skills and fulfil themselves professionally.

Intraplás is an inclusive company, with a proven track record on gender equality.

We never forget that we are part of the region in which we are present and try to give back by helping local non-profit organizations.

Following this strategy, our goal is to continue to support the community in different forms of involvement, such as the ASAS institution, an Association for Solidarity and Social Action in Santo Tirso that welcomes at-risk children aged 6 to 12, and the CAID Institution, which has been promoting the integration of disabled people since 1998.

Our contribution to the UN Sustainability goals


Working with and supporting local organizations and creating initiatives for local development


Promote less food waste and create packaging solutions that extend shelf life


Create job opportunities for people and promote internships with local Universities


Ethical business practices, career progression system and work life balance

We care about people

Gender equality is an enshrined right, being regarded as an essential human right for the development of society and for the full participation of all people, regardless of their sex.

The concept of gender equality translates into equality of rights, freedoms and opportunities between genders, with the objective of providing equal appreciation, recognition and participation in all spheres of public and private life.

This is a concept that has been deserving of particular attention and significance on the part of the main authorities and international organizations in recent years, with Portugal also following this journey.

Code of ethics and conduct

Gender equality (Management Positions):



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