Intraplás consists of 2 production sites with more than 300 workers

dedicated to specific business areas with diversified skills and high response capacity.

Our Sites

The Rebordões Site was founded in 1968. Part of a 26,650-square-metre industrial complex, including 9,900 square metres of covered area in Rebordões – Santo Tirso, it has 189 employees allocated to its activity, divided between business support and operational areas.

A new FFS technology is introduced, repositioning the company as an expert in the market, making this new line of products the core of the business, later leading to investments aimed at increasing the extrusion capacity.

With a current laminated production capacity of around 70,000 tons, this unit has a clear commitment to modernization as far as equipment is concerned.

Significant investments have been made in the latest technology, such as a new multi-extrusion line for converting PP, r-PP, PET and r-PET products.

The Lordelo Site was founded in 2014 to respond to the group’s growing needs with a team of 104 workers and facilities with a total area of 43,400 square metres, of which 23,000 are covered. Dedicated to the Thermoforming and Printing of food packaging, this unit has numerous sophisticated pieces of equipment with a nominal thermoforming capacity of 4 billion units and printing of 2 billion cups/year in all the main market standard diameters. Focusing on efficiency, the 9,000-square-metre automated warehouse stands out, with a storage capacity of around 15,000 pallets.

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