Intraplás strengthens commitment to sustainability and circularity

Intraplás, one of the most relevant plastic converters for the food packaging industry, soon has assumed a strong commitment for the circularity of its products in order to boost the carbon neutrality of its value chain, by increasing the incorporation of recycled plastic.
This positioning for Sustainability, makes Intraplás a pioneer company to create alternatives that lead to reducing the amount of fossil raw materials, actively driving the transition towards a circular economy.

In 2020, Intraplás, in collaboration with Yoplait in France, has launched a pilot phase of a project to incorporate recycled polystyrene on its products, that now implements it at an industrial scale on the French market.

An important achievement in the offer of alternatives that meet the objective of increasing the circularity of dairy products packaging, therefore guaranteeing the closure of the loop, through the ISCC Plus certification (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) that ensures the traceability of the circular content since its origin to the final product. Thanks to this certification, Intraplás’ Customers are able to refer to this claim on their packaging, if their organization is also certified as part of the value chain.

The transition to the industrial scale of this more sustainable raw material (recycled polystyrene) did not imply substantial changes in the production processes or affect the technical and functional characteristics of the products.

Intraplás is strongly committed to achieving the full circularity of their packaging, actively contributing, with the main partners, to the creation and development of the respective recycling streams.

Certified by ISCC Plus (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) for all types of circular polymers, including bio circular, Intraplás thus strengthens the position as a global packaging solutions provider, having Sustainability as one of its strategic pillars and taking on the commitment to the United Nations’ SDOs (Sustainable Development Objectives).