Intraplás and Roclayer - Strategic Partnership for the Development of Sustainable Products for the Solid Dairy Industry

[Santo Tirso, February 16, 2024]


Intraplás, a leading company in innovative packaging solutions for the Dairy and Beverage sector, and Roclayer, a paper industry company specializing in coating solutions, announced today a strategic partnership that will focus on the joint research and development of broader, sustainable, and circular packaging solutions.

Intraplás thus reinforces its positioning as a provider of global packaging solutions with a focus on the Dairy and Beverage Industry, increasingly diversified and sustainable. This partnership represents a significant milestone for both Intraplás and Roclayer.

The synergy between the two companies aims to leverage cutting-edge technologies, complementary knowledge, and experiences to create products that meet the growing demand for more sustainable solutions for the Dairy and Beverage Industry.


Joint Statement:

“We are excited about this partnership between Intraplás and Roclayer. By joining forces, we believe we can drive innovation and continue shaping the future of packaging for the Dairy Industry by offering more options to our customers. Our commitment to sustainability, combined with the use of the best technologies, will position us as leaders in the sector, meeting the growing expectations of consumers for more sustainable products. Together, we are building the path to a better future.”

Duarte Faria – CEO Intraplás


“We are particularly happy to enter into a partnership like this, with a company like Intraplás, which, like us, Roclayer, is a family-owned company committed to values with which we identify. We will work together to achieve our goals.”

Simão Rocha – Chairman of the Board of Directors


This statement marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration between Intraplás and Roclayer, reinforcing the joint commitment to innovation, sustainability, and value-based management. For more information, please contact representatives from both companies.


About Intraplás: Founded in 1968 and located in Northern Portugal, Intraplás is a company driven by the passion to improve every day with the aim of offering ecological packaging, combined with our advanced technology and innovation. This heritage of values has guided us on a long journey of knowledge, experience, and dedication. We develop sustainable and innovative packaging solutions for food applications with a focus on people’s well-being. Our products are present in more than 30 countries.


About Roclayer: Roclayer is born from the visionary minds of its founders, who, with the collaboration of a cohesive and highly qualified team, have built the notoriety and quality of this project in the national and international markets. Dedicated to the paper sector and specializing in coating, printing, and cutting solutions. Alongside the global market, Roclayer excels in the quality of its products, pioneering in its projects, innovating, and promoting daily practices based on sustainability.


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