About us

We work together to achieve in everyday excellence

We exist to sustainably delivering you the Best Packaging Solutions to enhancing your success.

From competitive advantage to quality, operational efficiency and cost, we work together to achieve in everyday excellence.


The leading driver of business growth.

At Intraplás’s Center for Development & Innovation is where the future begins. Continuously working to improve and develop new products and new technologies to obtain the best packaging solutions, always focusing on eco-design, sustainability, and food safety.


Incorporating recycled materials into our products, contributing to the circular economy and procuring new alternative materials.


1) Allows us to perform trials with different materials

2) FFS Industrial line allows us to simulate the industrial performance of our sheet before going outdoors

R&D Team

A multidisciplinary team that helps you refine your requirements and specifications of your product.

Sustainability is not a goal.

It’s a way of life.

Based on the ESG principles, Intraplás provides a set of values and ethical criteria with the aim of improving, intrinsically and sequentially, its value chain.

In this way, we reinforce our total commitment to the best environmental, social and governance practices, specifically the supply of packaging suitable for the intended use and optimized in terms of Eco conception.

Climate change represents an unprecedented emergency and Intraplás has played an active role across the entire legislative and regulatory component, as well as across the value chain. Our focus is to make the plastic food packaging process more sustainable and circular, which leads us to the starting point: following the production of polymers and incorporation of recycled materials to the transformation and production of packaging.

Our contribution to the UN Sustainability goals


Implement by 2025 a set of 5 actions identified in energy audits, with a view to reducing energy consumption by 20% and carbon emissions by 10%.


Modernize and rehabilitate operations and infrastructure, providing them with effective resources, with clean and environmentally correct industrial processes.


Reduction in the production of industrial waste and productive waste, transition of the car fleet to electric vehicles and reduction of logistical movements between factories.


Actively work to develop packaging solutions that enable Reduce / Recycle / Reuse.

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