Why you should work with us?

We strongly believe that we can generate more value for you, be a reliable partner by developing sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly packaging solutions and, at the same time, increase our response capacity and help you to achieve more success and growth.

Innovation Pipeline
Intraplás actively developing solutions for PET

yoghurt cups

Production of yogurt cups and cups for  cold and hot beverages in PET and rPET.

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dessert packaging

Production of yogurt cups and cups for cold and hot beverages in PP and rPP.

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We developed a pioneering and eco-innovative product, providing the market with a more sustainable and circular product. A new plastic cup 100% Bio-Circular.

Why Intraplás?

53 years of know-how and innovation

We are a company dedicated to the production and promotion of sustainable and innovative packaging, with solid know-how in Extrusion, Thermoforming and Printing, with a wide range of services and offering a diversified range of integrated solutions, including the concept of Eco-Design to bring your project to life.

all over the world

All over the world

We work with clients from all over the world, especially in the EU, in markets such as Spain, France and England.